In your search for modern student residencies, you probably have come across an apartment with a den. What’s the point of a den, you might ask? Well, having a den means extra square footage. You can use the extra space to transform your living space into something creative, exciting and unique. Even when you feel you don’t need the extra space that comes with an apartment with den, you most definitely should give such apartments a chance.

What Does It Mean When an Apartment Has a Den?

Are you wondering why do apartments have dens? The answer is because a property owner cannot advertise a room as having a bedroom unless that extra room has a window. This is what led to the birth of the term ‘den’. Over the years, the size of the den has been reduced to a 4 x 3 space which is just large enough for a desk. Some people use the den as an extra bedroom. If you come across a 1.5 room apartment, it means it has a bedroom and a den. Now that you understand what is a den in an apartment is, it is time to look at what you need the den for.

When you need extra space, a one-bedroom plus den floor plan becomes a great choice. You can use a den to create an additional sitting area, office, add an extra table or create a study room. The space can also be converted into a bedroom because it doesn’t have a door, closet, or window. Keep in mind that one plus den layouts are not the same. Some are large enough to be used as guest bedrooms.

What Is a Den Room Can Be Used For?

You’ll Be Able to Design an Artist’s Studio

There are so many ways you can use an apartment with den. If you love art, you can convert the space into your own studio. You can line the walls with creative shelving to hold your art materials and add a desk for when you want to start creating art.

You Can Have a Garden

Does your den have a window? If it does, you can do good for the environment by creating your own indoor garden. Use the space to grow some vegetables for your cooking. If the area doesn’t have a window, you can get a few indoor plants and create your tropical jungle. Take care not to grow plants that attract pests. You also need plants you can comfortably care for.

Apartment with Den is Cheaper Than an Extra Bedroom

The more bedrooms an apartment has, the more expensive rent gets. If you don’t have the extra budget, you can go for an apartment with a den. The den can be converted into a nursery, your child’s bedroom or a spare bedroom if the space is big enough. Converting the den into an extra bedroom will save you money that would have been spent renting an apartment with additional bedrooms.

You Will Have More Space for Your Clothes

How about more space for your clothes? If you have always dreamt of having a walk-in closet, the den gives you the perfect opportunity to bring your dream to life. You only need to add extra storage options, and you will have converted your den into a walk-in wardrobe. This kind of wardrobe will be perfect for showing off your growing cosmopolitan lifestyle or your elegant sneaker collection.

Home Office Won’t Be Just a Dream Anymore

Have you always wanted a quiet space where you can focus on your part-time job or business plan? Do you want a space where you can study uninterrupted for your exams? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could convert your den into a home office. You will need a desk and a comfortable chair. Don’t forget to get a coffee mug for the long nights.

Ever Wanted to Have the Home Cinema?

With a personal home cinema, you never have to commute to the local cinema to enjoy a movie uninterrupted. The den allows you to bring the cinema experience to your home. Get some blankets, beanbags, and a sizeable TV screen. If you want to be adventurous, you can build a blanket fort. The den cinema room creates the perfect environment for snuggling up on cold nights.

Meditation and Mindfulness Room

Another way of using the den is using the extra room to create a space where you can heal the mind, body and soul with meditation. The room can be where you unwind and escape from the noise of life. There is no better place to find your own peace and calm than your own tranquil meditation room. Get scented candles, add personal decorations and play soothing music. Add anything that soothes you.

Apartments Have Dens so You Can Have a Private Reading Space

Are you a bookworm? Nothing compares to curling up in a private space with a book in hand and raindrops splashing against the window. When you have an apartment with a den, you can create a cozy area with an oversized chair, fluffy blankets and scented candles where you can relax and enjoy a good read. Add a bookshelf in one corner and a small table for your hot chocolate.